Forever Stamps

2007 July 14

Looking through my stamp drawer I see a variety of penny and two-penny stamps that I use to "upgrade" my older valued stamps to whatever the current USPS rate might be. My memory isn't all that great, and thus I have found the pursuit of mastering knowledge of current postage rates to be an elusive art.

As a remedy, I developed a US postage finder a few months back that wasn't working anymore as the USPS server had changed its service finder. I just fixed it and was glad to do so as I hadn't realized that domestic rates had gone up from $0.39 to $0.41 recently. When I made that post, a kind reader pointed out the foreverstamps now available in different countries. The concept is simple. You never have to be confused by the changing postage rate as the value of the stamp is eternal.

A few posts back we debated the value of saving law3 and concluded that there are often moments when you wish to savor an experience for a longer period. In the savoring case, you would want to prolong the pleasure. But on the other hand, there are definite instances for when you'd like to curtail the pain of an experience -- like trying to figure out whether you have enough postage affixed to your envelope.

I have a friend that purposefully collects the most beautiful stamps to periodically affix to his personal communications. The experience of receiving these letters is profound. In that sense, he has chosen favoringlaw7 over the efficiency of saving law3.

So in conclusion, as I send this letter off to the health insurance agency to whom I have no particular feelings for on this date and don't mind the efficiency of a forever stamp, I feel my life is simplified. But tomorrow as I ship a few letters off to some old friends, I think I might browse through my stamp drawer to see if I can find something more law7-ally meaningful.