More Equals Survival

2007 June 4

The pullout quote helps to explain why we humans always crave more. We're biologically programmed to prepare for the "just in case" scenario as part of our instinct to survive. So even when we buy a new device, we think to ourselves, "I don't really need that, but maybe I just might." Only those that are truly self-assured can begin to consciously choose the constraints of simplicity over the delicious rapture of complexity.

Thinking of Maslow's pyramid of needs, it may be that if you're at the bottom of the pyramid in true survival mode, you desire complexity; on the other hand if you are sated in most ways, you desire simplicity. Seems to make sense. Moving up in the world, you desire more; when you've already made it to the top you are obesely full and want to get by with less through law1-ing.

More = Survival; Less = Survivable.