newer. better?

2006 November 25

I've been watching the slow and steady accrual of votes to the iPod interface poll. The leader right now by a wide margin is the current interface for the iPod. However from comments I've received during speaking engagements, I'm convinced that the data I'm seeing here might be misleading. Some people really don't like the current interface, and instead prefer one of the previous design options. I suspect that this minority may not be as vocal as the majority.

The same can be said about digital cameras. I know that I much prefer the interface of the older, 2004 Canon SD200 to its newer brethren like the SD700. The simple horizontal lever on the SD200 makes it easy to choose between: play, movie, or camera; on the SD700 I get lost in all the menus and the tiny mode-dial with five options instead of three.

There must be some sort of business opportunity out there like "Pimp My Ride" where the opposite gets done. Call it "Un-pimp my Gadget." I'll be first in line.