Opening Pandora's Box

2007 June 30


On the topic of the 3rd Law of law3 I refer to the iPod Shuffle as a good example of helping you save time by simply eliminating choice. There is no display screen to allow you to select a specific song for play, thus forcing you to either live in sequence or randomly shuffling through your playlist.

A new friend from Italy pointed me to Pandora with a kind of incredulity that I didn't know of this service that he strongly felt exemplified "true simplicity." Enter your music preferences, and Pandora goes and plays you the songs you want to hear. As it gets to know you, it tailors the playlist as a kind of deejay customized to your world of music preferences. Pandora's been around for a while so it's nicely mature in its ability to deliver a satisfying experience. I'm a late convert for sure.