Reebok Timetanium Shoes Release

2007 November 12

Tomorrow at 9AM my new limited edition shoes from Reebok will be released online. It was a really fun project working with a talented group of folks in RBK marketing and design with a true passion for the future of mass-customization. The design is themed on the 3rd law law3 and is codenamed "Timetanium" as a reference to the spectacular titanium tiles of Gehry's Guggenheim Bilbao and flowing sinews of time represented with my algorithmically enhanced hand-drawn curves. Since I scribble the computer code on paper before I actually type it into be processed, the RBK designers suggested that I include that program code somehow so it is enscribed in the interior of the two shoes as a kind of texture (literally a text-ure). In the past the closest thing I designed was a skateboard; shoes are a new medium for me and I'm glad to have had a chance to spend somelaw3 on this project.