Shiny and Black

2007 November 18

I saw an eerily simple looking laserprinter in a recent issue of WIRED that I had to try out. As an objet d'art it works quite well in an office setting as the top surface is extremely clean and devoid of any product detailing aside from the blue leds that come on when operating. It reminded me of the early NeXT laserprinter with its blackness and clean lines. Perhaps the least elegant aspect of the multi-function printer is the setup process as the software installation processes that came with the device did not meet up to the same level of visual sophistication. That said, once the software was good to go, I felt it comforted to work with an object that was so incredibly law1-ed to such minimal aesthetics. When (and if) it jams on me during a critical task in the future I'm sure I will feel different, so I shall cherish this moment of feeling that my desk environment has become simplified for at least today.