Trust the Tempura Master

2007 February 4


In Chapter 8 on law8 of LOS I talk about the concept of omakase sushi whereby you leave the menu up to the sushi Master. While in Japan this week, I experienced ozashiki tempura which translates to "private room tempura" with a tempura Master.

A sushi Master deals with the raw; a tempura Master deals with the fried. Although I admit to having a guilty desire for fried food, every year as I age I find that the way my stomach settles with the grease is often not worth the fling. The tempura Master however left no harm to my stomach in his knowing way.

While he cooked, the Master explained how the shrimp used were exactly 4-months old -- the perfect time to eat them. When I tried to take a picture of the shrimp as they left the oil the Master joked, "Shrimp don't like having their pictures taken. Look! They all turned red! (Of course when heated, shrmp's bodies change color from black to red)" We all laughed. His humble demeanor made me realize that an important aspect of achieving law8 is to have a good sense of humor.