Who You Gonna Trust ...

2007 January 16

A friend pointed me to the Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility. As an advocate of law8 as an important property of simplicity, I thought this list to be quite relevant. Then I began to wonder about the distinction between the words trust and credibility. For some reason, I think of the word credibility as less credible than trust. That distinction may not be important.

Going through the "Ten Laws of Credibility," I find that they all make a great deal of sense and I see ways by which I can improve this site's credibility, as well as others I am working on. I like how the page itself embodies its own rules to a high degree. As to whether then by design you are more likely to trust me or not that remains to be determined if I am to go ahead and implement the Stanford guidelines. Perhaps I can get to it once I have more law3.